Forgive them…..

The current economic upheaval may help to bring a few wealthy people back down to earth . Even in Europe and England – far from being immune to the effects of US economic policies – they are affected by the global banking meltdown. I think it is a great time not to have money invested anywhere!!  :):)

However the arrogant are still with us.  I have seen examples several times in the last week…..the other day I was talking to the mother of an ex-student who, upon hearing that I was examining for Trinity-Guildhall, asked anxiously if that meant I would be examining….string players!….

I felt like asking her what was different  about assessing the musical outcomes of a performance on a string instrument. She was a reasonable player at secondary school many years ago, but has not played significantly since that time. However I bit my tongue…..String players seem to think that only a present (or past!) practitioner is sufficiently knowledgeable to discuss and assess violin performance …..

….and then there are musicians in general. They communicate when they think that you might be helpful to them, but as soon as they think you will not be useful….oops, where are they to be seen….? No longer in evidence, those players leave people feeling used and discarded – no doubt believing that they will not need the help of their erstwhile supporters, because we all know that they are going to end up making a good living as a soloist or performer in chamber music group?? – yeah right…. They do not believe that they might end up as "merely" orchestral players or – heaven forbid!! – a teacher…..

…and also the people in established relationships (happily or otherwise). Many of them, in their dealings with a person who chooses to remain single, have this complacent, " I am Okay, you are not", attitude and claim that they want you to be "happy" – i.e. in a relationship……little realising that from the evidence of their own relationship, there is often very little to be envied…..

…. and finally to the religious…well the church-goers…..yes we know that you get "forgiven" every week, but is that any reason to be so sanctimonious and arrogant on the days between?

Forgive them…..because they know not what they do…… 


About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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