Haircut day…..

I leave for my examination tour in two days, so today was….haircut day!!

P1020695Time to tidy up the garden …and myself of course….well as much as possible in my case! …  🙂

It has been a beautiful Spring day here in Auckland – about 18 degrees, blue sky, light breeze. It would have been ideal for a good walk – especially as the eternal Winter rain seems to have disappeared…..well not entirely…ok…?P1020696

However it was a great day to work in the garden! The Winter here has been colder and wetter than usual. So much so that plants that usually flower in Winter have just flowered in the last month. I pulled out some plants that were spilling down my lawn – geraniums and daisies mostly.  Mowed the laws that will be very long when I return – unless I am lucky enough that somebody takes pity on them and cuts them…Still isn’t this a colourful view!

I also trimmed back the tree that overhangs the neighbours’ roof. It is actually on their property, but they are happy that I look after it, so that is good…It was becoming untidy and even cutting a little early morning sun from my house. 


In these photos you can see the tree overhanging the neighbours’ deck , but over the roof it has been cut away. I didn’t feel I could cut the branches over the deck while there were people sitting there  🙂 Tomorrow is another day…..  🙂

So the place is left looking quite tidy ..Notice the beautiful Skoda!!. the box hedging is almost growing into a hedge and the hedge is trimmed, gardens are weeded and the lawns mowed. I didn’t wash the Skoda………  🙂


and I decided that I needed tidying up as well….. so it was time for a haircut for me….

WARNING! : This photo is not for everybody….  😉 so if you decide to look, prepare yourself…. 




Well if you decided to look…that is your problem  :):)

I am both excited and apprehensive about my first major tour for Trinity-Guildhall. Assessment will be fine, but the bureaucracy is something still to be managed…

So far – piano, harp, tuned percussion jazz/normal clarinet, jazz/normal saxophone, trumpet, trombone, euphonium..this will be interesting!!!  🙂

I should be available on email. If you do not want to leave a message here, feel free to email me 



About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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