Brisbane storms

I have seen Brisbane at best and worst in the last couple of days. Currently we are experiencing a storm that is threatening to call off the World Cup Football game being played only a couple of kilometres away from here…I can see the lights quite clearly….I tried unsuccessfully to catch a lightning flash, but was not able to catch one. It was truly spectacular from my room – no doubt rather depressing for people involved in the football. The game is about to get underway now – 30 minutes later than expected after a torrential downpour!

P1020714-1Yesterday I had some time to wander around a little and despite being tired from a VERY early morning – 4.00 in NZ equals 1.00 in the morning in Brisbane – I managed to take some photos of the extravagantly beautiful Roma Parklands, which are opposite my hotel.

  Starting with the mill, after which the hotel is named – one of the early remaining commercial buildings in Brisbane. I wandered around the Park.





The ground in parts is carpeted with the deep purple of the jacaranda flowers which are apparently at their best right now – ironically because of the dry weather which they have had here in the past weeks.

P1020721 The gardens have a couple of amphitheatres and also several water displays (using re-cycled water as there is a drought and water restrictions on here). The colours are much brighter than my camera seemed to portray them – maybe it is time to think about a new camera as I find myself saying that several times.



I do not know what the palm trees are – I wondered if they were Macadamias, but with restricted internet at the moment, I do not want to spend time looking that up. I have not found any literature that tells me either.



Likewise with the bird. I know it is not a magpie (we have been warned to be careful about Magpies at the moment – apparently they attack in Spring, defending their nests). However this crane-like bird was intriguing. I can see that scene in Karakte Kid where the hero was practising his attack by pretending to be a crane – stadnign on a large stick looking out over the surf of a beautiful american beach(Do they have any other kinds of beach in the USA?).

On a different note…there were no storms the first day of my examination tour here. I managed to keep up to time (which has concerned me) and upon looking over my comments they do seem to be reflected by the marks, so I feel confident that I got them pretty much correct  🙂 The days in the main Brisbane centre will be good as it is a short walk down the road. Next week I shall be ensconced in a "trinity" school, which is at least 45 minutes away from where I am staying….

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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