No photos today…

Here I sit in the foyer of the "famous" Legends Hotel in Surfers’ Paradise. I arrived about 11.00 to be greeted with the news that check-in time is 2.30 (despite their begin advised that I would arrive in the morning) and that (FAIRLY politely) there were a lot of people around and I could "sod off" (still politely though….). Somewhat ungraciously I was told that they would store my bags for me – I have still to find out at what cost…..this is a vastly over-rated and over-priced hotel in the middle of a place where there are many similar establishments! I had hoped that Surfers might have improved since my visit in 1985…..This hotel only serves to reinforce the impression I get of a place only interested in the rich and famous and with seeing how much money they can screw out of you. The service that I have seen is very mediocre. There are several people here feeling like myself. Of course the loud, obstreperous ones (so far all female!) have been allocated rooms, which only goes to show that one should learn to be more of a squeaky door that needs oiling! Me…I just go online and share my experience of this INFAMOUS hotel with those that read this – getting on towards 1500 people this year, even though I took it offline when I set up my new web page. However I found MSN easier to work with – especially with the ease of use of photos. So to all who come this way – BEWARE THE Mantra LEGENDS hotel in Surfers Paradise. Only come here if you are rich and famous – and then….well you would go to much better in any case!  🙂

There!! I feel better now!    :):)

So I wandered around the precincts of Surfers Paradise, traipsing my carry-on bag with confidential materials with me – a strange sight I am sure with shorts and sneakers….  :). the weather is cool and we have had a few spots of rain as well, under a grey sky. So much I guess for a sightseeing walk along the beach – especially as I have to meet the local rep here at 3.45. In my sight on the beach, there MIGHT have been 10 people in the water with the surf being pretty choppy. I found a cafe with wifi internet and managed to send/receive a few emails and even went onto MSN – the first time for quite some time. 🙂 So I guess it was not all in vain.

I have found it interesting that they sell sushi here in rolls, rather than cut up as they do in New Zealand – maybe it is part of the bigger meal syndrome that I have experienced.

I was going to take a few photos of this place – as it is a renowned tourist spot. However my camera is currently in my large suitcase, which I do not think I will bother the "concierge" – use this term in its wider sense here! – to get it for me until I can finally disappear into my room. One thing is for sure. I shan’t be spending any more money at this place than I have to. Meals are available close and I shan’t need any laundry done as I do that by hand. Room service?…are you kidding??!!  :):)  Bar?…no need……

So check back again. I am sorry today is a day with no photos….

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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