The return….

P1020752Brisbane  -well the small part of it that I have seen! –  almost seems familiar. It was great to return and feel able to relax, knowing that I do not have to change accommodation for over two weeks!

  Having said that, I was impressed by the Music Department facilities at The Southport School(TSS). the large sculpture of a saxophone  – fashioned in corrugated iron – almost invites you to come in and once you are in the precincts of the building, there is the prospect of a view that ranks with that of Macleans College in AucklandP1020753


TSS Music Department is accommodated in a beautiful old homestead house, which I understand was the old cable house in Brisbane – in the days when telegraph was a form of communication. that seems a long way away from the forms of communication today…The performing studio in which the examinations were held was air-conditioned and contained among other things a harpsichord, Grand Piano and various pieces of electronic equipment. I also examined drum kit in the drum studio next door, which was quite well dampened acoustically.

The trip back to Brisbane on the train was easily achieved and it was another day of examinations today. This week I am mostly at Sheldon College, which is a coeducational school set in the southern part of Brisbane. There is a very strong Music Department there. I did not have my camera with me today – a shame, because it is an impressive sight and there were no students there today, so it would have been an ideal day in which to take some photos. Schools are always more pleasant places when there are no students (or parents!) around  :). My next day or rest is Friday this week. I see there is a cricket match on at the Gabba, so I may go along to see some of that. I do have three days off this weekend, so I have other plans to walk around the centre of the city. we shall have to see how the days dawn – they will be early of course as there is no daylight saving so it is well light by 6.00 in the morning – with of course correspondingly early evenings.

Well the paperwork is complete for the day. I think it is time to wash a shirt and watch the end of the cricket on television before starting to prepare for another day…

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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