Isn’t interesting how arts centres are often associated with rivers – Southbank in London, East Bank in Paris, Southbank in Brisbane…..not to forget the Danube River in Europe.

I walked the Southbank today in a beautiful Brisbane day – about 25 degrees. Suitably covered and protected from the worst effects of the sun, I set out after divesting myself of ten days of examination results. this meant that I set myself to walk around the inner city. Southbank is the cultural centre of Brisbane with the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Museum and Music Conservatprium providing a true centre for the Arts.

Crossing over Victoria Bridge I followed along the Bougainvillea covered path, which quickly dispelled any similarity to the equivalent path in London! Stopping in at the Arts Centre and Conservatorium to see what might be interesting to see in the next couple of weeks – not a lot I must say!  P1020755P1020756

I thought of going to see the opera Turandot – one might say that is ironic – even unpatriotic – given that I did not see the NZ production this year. Strange how I can think of spending money overseas that I would not think of spending in my own environment…..I have all the literature here to go through still to see what is on. I doubt I will go to student recitals at the conservatorium. I think I have heard enough students over here!

P1020758So after progressing past those places, I walked past the inner city beach that they have constructed. It was an idyllic rest from the busy city environment, with families (and others) enjoying the white sands and the clean water.


Then past the Kangaroo Point Cliffs – I could not find anybody apart from a large Gecko Lizard trying to clamber up or abseil down them and with short stops to admire the view of the city centre with the botanic gardens in front I walked right to the Storey Bridge. P1020761 P1020763

IT was good to get an opportunity to stretch my legs after some days of straight examining. I have managed a walk most days, but nothing that really started to push me until today. when I looked back from the Storey Bridge (picture below) I was pleased to see how far I had come without any worries 🙂


I enjoyed the sights of Chinatown and made my back to the hotel. I then went down to look for a couple of things. Shopping is something is something that I enjoy. Prices here in Brisbane are much the same or more expensive than in Auckland. food prices (particularly fruit) are very high! We are fortunate in NZ that our fruit and salad prices appear to be lower and also that we can buy wine in our Supermarkets. Prices of wine here – far from being cheaper than NZ would seem to be more expensive in the several wine/beer stores that I have seen. Maybe that is because of the image of the "average aussie bloke" who drinks beer – which shows in their average waist size as well. The men seem to go from being lean in their youth to over-size in their middle age – and early middle age!! Maybe the size thing also helps in their day to day dealings with people as they can be rather agressive. Anyway how typical of me to notice wine prices!!! I took a risk on a bottle today that I did not know at all (Jamieson’s Run). hopefully it will be a nice Cabernet Sauvignon. It LOOKS good  🙂

So Southbank was an interesting and enjoyable experience. I will no doubt go back there while I am here, but now I have the city well in place and feel much more oriented than before.

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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