It is interesting how quickly things become more routine. Two weeks ago, I had hardly ever seen Brisbane. Now it is becoming much more familiar – well the central part of it at least.P1020775

Likewise with the temperature. Two weeks ago I found it very hot here. Now I am enjoying the temperature and the lack of humidity. In temperatures above 25, Auckland merely becomes more humid. In Brisbane yesterday it was 27 and the humidity was 61%. It felt comfortable. In my room there is a notice that says "Keep the doors closed. Rooms are air-conditioned!" However by turning off the air-conditioning and opening the door on to my deck, I find that the temperature is very comfortable. even in high traffic times like 5.00 – 6.00, the traffic outside is quite light and I am high enough that the noise is not an issue. P1020774The birds at night make more noise than the traffic!! (I think they imitate the burglar alarms they have heard……at 4.00 in the morning as the sun starts to come up…)

I have just returned from buying provisions. My room has no cooking facilities apart from tea-making facilities and a small fridge. I went out for a few days to local restaurants to eat dinner, but decided that I did not like what it was doing to me. Yes I will admit it! I can be a control person!!…when talking about the food I eat…  !!

Shopping I went, bought a knife and fork and a plate which I use for eating ….you guessed it…salads! In fact the plate is so nice I may try to get one like it when I return to Auckland. Then it was a matter of finding food that I could eat in a salad that did not require cooking. A hot chicken from the Supermarket does quite well – hot one night and then cold for the remainder. Unfortunately it is a little large and takes me about four or five nights to finish eating. I don’t think that is very healthy. Today I saw some half-chickens in another supermarket, but after waiting about ten minutes in a numbered queue that had still about ten people in front of me I gave up and went and found some spicy salami instead. I have had tuna as well. I have not found any supermarket that does anything like the Foodtown cooked meals. Then I have the occasional night out. This way I also get to drink better quality wine for less. (One of my favourite Lehmann Cab Sauvs is $8 per glass and I found on special at $16 per bottle….) The fact that it is not vacuumed overnight is not an issue as neither is the wine that I buy by the glass when out…

So I have a routine now. Come home from a day of examining, have a cup of coffee at the café next to the hotel – if it is not late and I have not had one already –  and then go for a walk to one of the supermarkets – usually through the Park beside me and then buy/top up the ingredients for an interesting dinner – tonight I even bought little cherry tomatoes and feta and olives – gotta be good for me!! 🙂 Then back at the hotel I check marks, complete the mark summary sheet and prepare reports and my own marksheet for the next day before having a glass of wine and making dinner! After dinner I generally go down to the bar here to get a reasonable cup of coffee. Of such little routines is the day made. .. 🙂

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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