I went to see the film "Nights in Rodanthe". It is quite a good film. However I felt there was really no magnetism in the leading couple – Richard Gere and Diane Lane. He is a handsome man and she a beautiful lady. However there was no feeling to me that they were even remotely attracted to each other. They went through the motions. . When they supposedly fell in love with each other it was all rather mechanical – indeed almost laughable because there was obviously no such feeling between them.

So the movie was fatally flawed to me, because I could not empathise with the characters and their situations. Almost felt like calling out to her in her moments of sadness, "Well you did not really like him much…." . Apart from that, I wondered why the cinemas think we are all deaf. The volume was unbelievably loud and while I understand that they might expect older people at a midweek, middle of the day session, it was rather too loud for me. Better off watching at home on big screen with better sound at a tolerable volume. Mind you I am wondering about replacing my very elderly speakers with some high quality speakers and sub-woofer….mmhh….tempting thought…  🙂  B & W 800 series maybe (Might have the number wrong, but it is something like that).


I took a photo of a Church here. I thought it summed up quite a lot about Australia. It is the back of the cathedral down by Eagle Pier. The majority of the Cathedral is made to look old – and then there is this round deck at the middle of the rear, which is obviously modern in design….quite a strange – almost ironic – addition to a beautiful old church.

Australia is justifiably proud of its heritage. However, like New Zealand, the history of this proud country is very short. It is one thing that we can never hope to compete with the likes of England and Europe where the heritage of history is never far away from the surface. In Australia and New Zealand, while we have a lack of history, we do have the advantage that most of our infrastructure is quite modern.

So in a week I shall leave these proud shores and be back in New Zealand. Again it is ironic that I leave these shores the week that there is a cricket test on in Brisbane. Still, at least having been at the Gabba I can put things into place a little more easily. I have walked along Vulture and Stanley Street, so I know which magnetic pole is which.  🙂

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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