It has been a beautiful day here in Brisbane. I walked the boardwalk out to New Farm this morning and then did much the same trip later on a ferry trip. It was great walking along early this morning with the boardwalk floating on top of the water. I feels as if you are almost walking along the river surface itself – almost like being on top of the world  🙂

The ferry trip was fun. I even met a few English people here for the semifinal of the rugby league semifinal match against New Zealand tonight. They are very intense and very sure that they will win. I suspect they might, but we all know that the Kiwis, if they have a good night, will beat them tonight. No tickets are available, so I shall watch it from the comfort of the hotel big screen  🙂

If you want to see some of the sights I saw on my walk and ferry ride here are the photos I took……

P1020794 I couldn’t resist this bird pose. These are all over the place in the city, foraging for food. People are asked in the Botanic Gardens not to feed them as it takes away their self-sufficiency. I wish our government would see things like that!




Looking back at the start of the boardwalk with the Botanic Gardens in the background and a small marina in front. About 3 – 4 kms to go before returning


This is the Story Bridge. Still quite early in the morning before the sun really started to burn off the clouds. The bridge is one of the largest of its type. built in the same construction manner as the Eiffel Tower apparently. I have to say I felt safer walking over the bridge than going up the tower!!



This is the old Customs house. It has been bought by Queensland University and renovated. I wonder why the government did not make it a heritage site and do that for themselves….




This is a park just out beyond New Farm. the colour in the flowers were more intense. I probably should have zoomed in more closely to capture this. The river BTW is apparently becoming cleaner, but they expect it to be some years before the silt improves and it looks cleaner.


  I zoomed in to about 12X for this. It is an old house on top of a hill opposite Newstead/New Farm. Must have been built by an Englishman, because it is basically a small castle….  🙂 you know…my house is my castle..?  :):)




No this is not the London Eye. Far too much greenery around for that. It is also considerably smaller – about 60 metres from bottom to top – and much quicker going around. You go round three times before getting off. Air-conditioned of course in the heat.

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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  1. Sarah says:

    Pretty nice place. seems you enjoy it a lot , is it ?
    How are you laterly ?
    Have a great day . 🙂

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