I was thinking while driving home (@ 6 litres per 100km…)……

Special votes in our general election favour the Green Party so much that they expected and received another seat in parliament. Apparently this is normal – that the overseas vote favours the Green party.

Many of these overseas people will never really return to New Zealand  – except for flying visits to visit family (not friends – because well friends in NZ don’t really count do they?…at that distance it is too much effort for too little reward ….).

So these people overseas – and I even had a discussion  with one of them – have a right to vote in NZ elections? It is simply not good enough to claim, as he did,  that they "keep in touch" via the media etc…..I was even told he might have a better view of life here than a person living here…through the biased eyes of media?…..yeah right!!! If they lived here they might even start to agree with me about some of the badly thought out legislation brought in because of the green party – and their pandering to those that WILL not try to look after themselves… there are people who are not able to I agree….

I believe the Green party is probably the major reason why the Labour party is not now the government in New Zealand. They are quite simply naive (a reasonably nice way of saying stupid!). They have introduced things like an anti-smacking law that was never going to work and a carbon tax that has been badly thought out and will end up costing NZers much more than people currently realise – with at best dubious hopes of success…especially given our small population base.

I believe that people that vote in an overseas election should lose their right to vote in a NZ general election. I do not believe that any person choosing to live for some time in Europe or the UK has any concept of life in New Zealand. They may have this fairytale notion of New Zealand being clean and green. In many respects it is – often mostly because the population is so small in New Zealand. Understandably, the environment issues that face Europe and the UK are huge – anybody that chooses to live there must understand those consequences – because of the density of the population in a relatively small area. However do not hoist New Zealand with the same problems that exist over there with its less friendly climate and population/pollution issues.

One person…one vote… but vote in the country where you live! Twice is once too many…..

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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