Terrestrial Works

So here I am in New Zealand over the Christmas/New Year period – for the first time since about 2003. The weather has not improved- it is grey and wet but quite warm. It will no doubt become Summer when I go away in January

So what to do with myself? A project  🙂 I know…I can undertake some long overdue earthworks here…

So I spent a day a day or two, digging out and levelling the lawn a little at the back of the house. I have talked for some years about having a small deck out there – to catch the afternoon/evening sun in Winter particularly. I wanted it to be just large enough to take a small table and a couple of chairs.

The original intention was to pave it with matching paving stones to the paving stones I have as a path. However they proved elusive to find, so I reverted to my backup plan….a wooden deck at ground level, to be able to mow the lawn easily.

So retaining wall was put up one day and the earth levelled off behind it the next – unfortunately one of the geranium plants I had by the house was a victim of the work as it had taken root right where the retaining wall needed to be – it was beginning to look nice against the house…oh well there are always casualties….

new-deck-dec-2008 The next day the deck was in place and the earth levelled around the deck. It looks a little bare still, but I have tried to start off already some cuttings of geraniums beside the house and also some Rosemary and Lavender cuttings in a pot – hopefully they will take if I keep them watered – to eventually be a fragrant border beside the deck.

I went out to find an Olive tree today to plant for dappled shade, but did not find one that really appealed – tomorrow’s job….that way the back section can retain its "mediterranean" look with the camellia hedge behind to provide colour for most of the year. I did however find a table to put on my large front deck, so the little table can go where I originally envisaged it – out the back deck

I may even have to change my profile photo for 2009 – from the symbolic coffee table on the front deck with one cup and the other chair being empty…I shall wait to see what 2009 brings. In the meantime I shall keep my feet well and truly on the ground, terrestrially speaking of course.

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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