It has been a few days without computer as my laptop has been incarcerated for a warranty repair – fortunately now complete and it is back looking as good as new – in fact better, as the replacement top is a new model with even more little toys for boys to play with :):), new keyboard and mouse pad…   🙂 All this for a mere small crack in one corner of the top  🙂 I have been thinking of replacing this laptop, but I may save the money. There does not appear to be any great improvement in speed and efficiency since I bought it and it is going well at present (isn’t that tempting fate!!). Still it is easy to buy a new laptop if the occasion demands. And I do have a PC hidden away in the "office" bedroom …..

So I had booked a day at the Auckland ASB Classic tennis tournament. By chance I was seated next to the principal who first appointed me to Epsom Girls Grammar School. Gae Griffiths is an educated woman with a real sense of class about her. We had a lovely day with lots of laughter. The tennis was good as well!!  🙂 The next morning the phone rang and I actually did answer it!! (You may well wonder at that significance, but I am good at ignoring the telephone if I am slightly "otherwise occupied"). Apparently the person who runs the tournament is an ex EGGS student and had rung Gae because there was one seat in a box not being used that day. Did she want it? Well in turn I was offered it. Second day at tennis!!  🙂 Wonderful game with a fiercely competitive second semifinal. I arrived home late but happy!

The rest of the week has been filled with all sorts of little errands around town and home. The garden is looking quite good and the house is clean and tidy. I even managed to complete and print out parts for the Eklekktika concert next month. That should be a lot of fun and good music as well….no better combination!! Handel Water music at the Hamilton Gardens beside the Waikato River!

It appears that I will be examining in Japan and India this year – maybe even somewhere else as well. It sounds like an interesting year! It is the first time that I have not been in Winter at this time of the year for a long time, so I am enjoying the relaxation of a somnolent New Zealand and preparing myself for what will be be a busy time! In the meantime where is that racquet for a game of tennis??  !!

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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