Homewards bound

Conference has been and gone. It was very intensive but quite good in a way to be in a small group. However we felt pretty well unanimously that is was important for us to be part of the full group in future.

However before that I changed hotels to one that had these views looking out over KLCC towards the Petronas Twin Towers and the Suria shopping centre.

KL - Petronas twin towers at night and in daylightKL - view from hotel room

Pretty spectacular – especially when the towers are lit up. I also went in the afternoon to the Skybridge at the Twin Towers – the narrow bridge you can see connecting the two towers. First you are subjected to a lengthy advertisement for Petronas which is an oil company in Malaysia that also happens to sponsor hugely the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and their beautiful concert hall at the base of the towers.

After that you also have to endure (twice!) a lengthy safety. regulations talk. then you are whisked (literally) up in the lift to the Skybridge where you have ten minutes  to look around. That is actually long enough. Once you have taken a couple of photos and then the guide is kind enough to take photos of solo tourists like myself, there is not much else to do except gaze out/down and wonder what would happen if the bridge did fall….  🙂

KL - view from Petronas skybridge over KLCC 02  KL - David in Petronas skybridge 02

The Traders Hotel in KL is a fine hotel. The food was very good, with offerings at all meals of both western style and asian food. I had a great vegetarian risotto on my first evening there in the restaurant, however when they bought the wine to me, I had to ask them which year it was opened and last drunk…not often I have sent wine back, but this had oxidised and they replaced it with many apologies.

At this stage of my stay here I was still thinking that the smiles etc of the staff at the hotel were obsequious, but in fact I changed my mind and came to the opinion that there was a level of service here that you do not find in many places. Not that it was any better or more efficient than others, merely that the people seemed genuine. I think you would go a long way to find more friendly people than those in Malaysia!! Even the women here will respond and talk. In the shops, rather than turn away without a word once they realise that you are not buying (as elsewhere in Asia), they still appear happy and smile and chat to you.

It was good to be able to meet and get to know the small group of people (ten examiners outside of the UK!) at the conference. It seems to be a rather expensive exercise for Trinity Guildhall, but in 2010 we were told that we shall be part of the "full" group, which is good to know. My flash does not show the full length of the table , but there were I think 16 of us at this dinner

KL - Lindsay Danby at conference dinner 02

On the way back to Auckland, I spent a night at Singapore airport – still there as I write. The transit hotel was full and the lounge only had chairs – which while comfortable were not "sleeping" chairs….So I found a more quiet section of the airport and went to sleep on a bench, laptop and carry-on bag entwined in one hand and my hand bag serving as a surprisingly soft pillow!

the airport here seems never to stop, but it did quieten down after midnight and I managed to have a few hours of sleep before deciding that I wanted to start to return to NZ time, so I got up and went to have a small breakfast before catching up with this. Last leg to go and I shall be able to relax in my own bed. I have the seat I want in the aircraft – where the chairs change from three back to two – it gives a little more room. Some people do not like it there because it can be noisy, however once I have earphones on, I would not notice anything anyway  🙂

So I had better go and get myself ready to board –  freshen up etc and prepare to watch a movie or two and maybe an afternoon siesta…  :):)

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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