Garden defence

This weekend was an opportunity to catch up with my garden which has been a little neglected because of rehearsals and concert followed by a weekend of stormy weather.

The hedge had a haircut – short back and side!, the lawns were mowed and the garden weeded. While in the process of doing the weeding, I decided that I needed to attack the neighbour’s mess. So I cleared about 30cms of ground my side of their weeds – and harvested a few extra weeds while I was at it – No!! Not that kind of weed!!  🙂 Now at least the tendrils of  Kikuyu grass are not growing over my potentially very beautiful Camellia hedge!!

I was thinking while I worked away – always a dangerous thing – especially if you are male…it can overheat the systems….

My rear garden has ended up looking like my system of defence……


There are several barriers. First you have all the obstacles that I put in the way  of getting to know me in the first place (my hermit-like behaviour and need for space), …..Then there is a deep trench (two lots of personal baggage, history) where most people fall into  followed by the big challenge of the ramparts around my castle (lack of trust etc). These are quite tall and full of traps for the unwary which send the unwary back to the beginning again

If you have really thought it worth while and have managed to evade too much punishment from these defences then there is the slippery downwards slope (commitment – it takes two!), which has proven enough to put most people off – even if they do manage to get that far!

It is easy to see why I do not have a girlfriend… the big dog, I am (you might need to say this quickly…….) "garden de fence"!!!  :):) 

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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