Life in a fridge

clip_image002I advertised my fridge on Trademe (NZ online auction site) last week, having bought a new one earlier in the week. It sold off a low reserve for a very good price. However within 20 minutes this giggly woman (with no previous transactions on Trademe) was telling me that her flatmate had just offered her his fridge, and she wanted to pull out of the deal. So of course in the end – after huffing and puffing about legal contracts – what could one do except agree. She offered straightaway to pay my selling fee – mmhh a newbie on Trademe knows about this? She has done this before…So I wrote to Trademe that evening…they refunded my fee and I see that her account has now been disabled….I bet she has done that before….still that was not really the point of what I wanted to say…..

clip_image004I was taking photos of the old fridge for the purposes of the auction and it came into my mind how comfortable it was…..strange word for a fridge maybe, but it is well insulated from the noise, heat, smell and light of the world. Apart from the obvious cold temperature, it is a very safe environment.

I think I have lived my life since May 2005 – when I moved into this house – inside a fridge. My life has been maintained on a steady level, with everything under control, and stable. Not too many interruptions and if anybody has managed to intrude, they have found it too difficult to “maintain their position” to make the effort of staying there worthwhile. While I have become progressively more insular (I call it “hermit-like”), I think that life has become almost too sterile as well. Too much black and not enough colour.

So I think it is time for me to get out of the fridge! There are risks in that, but well, I think that the time has come when I should start to engage more with the world outside. I have stayed inside my comfort zone now for so long that it almost seems to difficult emerge. Stop the excuses and say yes to that badminton club maybe, get out, see things, do things and hopefully I will find that life in the real world is not as bad as it can at times appear from within my secure world.  It is time to emerge from my life in a fridge….simpson-fridge-01

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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2 Responses to Life in a fridge

  1. Angelina says:

    So glad to see that you decide to start a new and different life…People say life is short and bitter, why not enjoy it but to torture ourselves?!

  2. Alison says:

    good plan i think

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