Travel joys

A long time since I wrote here!!! Mostly to do with being ill and not using computer much…….mental note to David: Do not get another flu vaccine!…

Yesterday was a day of travel – yes I am off and away again! This time I flew to Hong Kong (11 hours) and then after a very short break to Yokohama in Japan  – merely enough time in Hong Kong to ogle the electronics at the airport shop and ring to make sure my VISA card does not get turned down over here and a fairly smart walk along to the departure gate! 

There were ten people in the rear half of the plane on the trip to Japan. Maybe everybody is being scared off by H1N1 flu. Still it was a lovely way to travel. I had three seats to myself, one for me, one for my coat and one for my book and bag etc… One might think that you would receive more attention on a flight with so few people, but they merely stuck to their time-honoured routines and sat and relaxed most of the time I think.

Not that I blame them for that! Hostessing and stewarding are not the most glamorous of jobs. Sure they get to see parts of the world, but having to remain so obsequious all the time to people that are often not very pleasant…..I guess too, it is difficult for passengers remain calm and patient after hours of flying, but I would think that people can make some effort…. Me…..I put on my earplugs and go into “David’s World”. Quite often with my music, book and other paraphernalia.

Everybody involved in travel and immigration, customs etc is be-masked! It takes a little getting used to, especially for one that likes to see peoples faces. Not like a Venetian ball mask with its air of mystery, intrigue and sense of hidden promise, but more like a really barrier between people. Of the ten people in the plane yesterday, eight had masks….

Much smaller percentage in the earlier – full – flight, but still the presence was there. The stewardess was surprised that I liked to do some exercise on the flight. I must have done about 30 minutes stretching and light exercise at the rear of the plane. I explained to her that I like to exercise every day. I did not mention the fact that it relieves the mind-numbing (not to mention other parts of anatomy!) effects of sitting for a long time.

I did watch the film Gran Torino. Almost didn’t,  because it was a Clint Eastwood film, but there was not a huge choice on my short leg. I really enjoyed it. Watching this grizzly older man open himself up to a different culture was really interesting – Note David: Is there a message here for yourself? Nah…  🙂

So I shall go and explore around Yokohama today. It seems to be quite warm but windy. Jacket on…. The hotel here is quite nice. I had a much welcomed shower – after a 16 hour flight and 90 minutes drive into the hotel. Then tumbled into bed. 7 hours later, it is “up and attem!” No real view from my hotel room at all, so photos will come later….

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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1 Response to Travel joys

  1. Angelina says:

    Hope you enjoy the new place and people. Do pay more attention on the flu, i have heared that it begins spreading at Japan…

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