Three days in Japan – days ranging from beautiful blue skies and warm to rain and high humidity…sounds a lot like Auckland….!

One of the things about Japan is that they use japanese script. Even with the help of a phrase book, it is not a lot of help when confronted with a series of unintelligible symbols! I still wonder what I had to eat for dinner last night. I did recognise the Miso soup and seaweed   🙂

Yokohama is a cosmopolitan city in Japan. The restaurants have a wide variety of more familiar food, but why would I come here to eat only familiar food when there is so much fine japanese fare available here. Mind you I think I know why japanese food is so expensive around the world. One only needs to look at the prices here! Everything appears to be relatively expensive. Even electronics – manufactured here in Japan – are significantly more expensive than they are in New Zealand.

P1030185 My first day here, I spent in my usual pattern of wandering wherever I happened to go. So I walked along to the main rail station (so that I know how to depart when I do later this week). I then walked along part of the harbour front before returning to my hotel.

The land seen here is all reclaimed land. The japanese seem very good at building artificial nature. there is not a lot of greenery in Yokohama. Tress are planted, but there is little left to the vagaries of nature. Here is a monument at the front of a shopping centre.P1030183

Note also here that while there are trees flourishing, they are surrounded by concrete and in reality they are planted in a regimental line –  things of which a city landscaper would no doubt approve. It is a magnificent edifice however!

I did see a parkland on a walk back from St Maur after my first day of full examining yesterday. this is a park going down the cliff which was originally the coastline before reclamation was undertaken. Much more like it!!  🙂




In the afternoon I walked out to the school where I am doing most of my examining. It is very well set up with an impressive staff and the auditorium – where I am examining has a fine acoustic. It should be a pleasant week.


I wandered through Chinatown a couple of times. There is an impressive temple there. I was able to capture a photo of the magnificent interior, with lots of real gold!


Outside there was a place with burning incense in it. the sparks from the incense were hot! Several people walked away after being hit by these hot sparks.P1030208










On my first day of walking I did come across a much more humble temple – just behind the upmarket shopping centre of Motomachi. there I watched as several people did come and make their offerings to the shrine. This is a restful place in the centre of a busy metropolis – a place of peace indeed.

Just by my hotel I took a photo of one of the Chinatown gates. Behind them is a park frontage to the Yokohama Stadium. with luck (and good weather) I may be able to go to a game of baseball there. P1030211

I found it quite ironic that the park is in front of what amounts to a great concrete jungle. I think Yokohama is an interesting place to visit and I can see why the staff at the international school would enjoy it here. However I do think that I will be glad to be back in New Zealand with its much more natural (if rather casual) approach to life.

And I STILL cannot seem to find my way round in the Northern Hemisphere. I think that I am upset by the change in the magnetic poles or something  – or the sun being in the South. I often turn in the wrong direction before thinking about where I am going – only then to turn back and go in the correct direction…usually!!!

At the moment I have just been disturbed by a strong thunder storm. hopefully it will be clear tomorrow morning as I intend to walk out to the school – a walk of nearly 40 minutes…..still in this land of high technology. I am sure I can find a vehicular way of getting there is I need to. Two days now of examinations. Another long day tomorrow – finishing after 6.00. then to decipher another menu of pictures and hope I am not eating shellfish!

Sayonara  🙂

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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