this travel thing…..

I think that I am beginning to relax about this travel thing…..

I was ready the day before leaving and had a relaxed day to enjoy the last day of New Zealand before departing on a shuttle bus for the airport early the next morning.

I rang the shuttle people after it was 15 minutes late arriving. However as I was already checked in, there was no worry at all. I needed to ensure I was on the list somewhere. As I suspected, some tourist had not shown up at the collection point and they had to wait for some time before going on. I was still at the airport in plenty of time to check in and  have a smoothie before going through customs etc. Looked at the duty-free shops, but either too expensive, or what did I need in any case…..  🙂

Arrival at Hong Kong was similarly uneventful. I wandered through immigration, picked up my bag and trundled over to the Airport express train, which whisked me away to Kowloon, from where a shuttle bus bumped its way round to a hotel which was about a minute’s walk away from my hotel.

HK-hazy-view Hong Kong has not changed a lot since I was last here. I think the same men are still asking me if I would like a Rolex watch or a suit. Ladies asking about massages are older than I remember, so maybe they are the same as well. the pollution is still there. go for a walk in the afternoon and return to wash it all off. This was the hazy view from my room for a couple of days. You SHOULD be able to see Hong Kong Island – less than a kilometre away from me!! the next photo shows Hong Kong on a “clear” day from the peak of Mt VictoriaRIMG0034


However there are many more good things than bad about this small part of China.

The food is great! Almost any style you like – whatever rows your boat, you can find it here – generally at a reasonable price as well! so far, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Mediterranean and wonderful selections of green tea! The transport system is incredibly efficient – even the quaint Star Ferry, which crosses the most expensive 500 metres of water between the mainland and Hong Kong Island – all moving probably millions of people every day!.

RIMG0029I think you need to be wealthy to live on the Island. Almost everything I saw there was cheaper on the Mainland – especially if you travel up to Mong Kok. House prices appear to be phenomenally high! RIMG0044


I went up to the peak of Mt Victoria. you have to take the tram up –  it is part of the experience! I picked a clear day so was able to see the Mainland before getting dizzy on the escalators up to the viewing terrace. I may travel across the Island to Stanley another day this week.

RIMG0042A good walk down from the peak on a what is now a much safer (much less fun?) concreted path. Last time I remember thousands of steps descending  beside the tram tracks. This time I saw the track when I took this photo and I decided I had to walk down! Now it is a much easier and safer track through some bush down to the Botanic Gardens.

Unfortunately my camera ran out of battery when I left the peak, so I can’t even prove that I even did it!! however, this is Hong Kong. A second battery was found in one of the myriad of camera shops just around the corner from the hotel. Now all I have to do is remember to take them both with me…

Even yesterday when over on the Island again I walked down about four flights of what is called Ladder Street, I was delighted to see that the traditional name had not been replaced and the street is no more PC than it ever was. I can say I would not want to walk up it all the way! It is much easier going downhill  🙂

 RIMG0007 RIMG0002

Tonight a walk to watch the Laser light show on the harbour. Lots of other people were there as well. I  tried to take a photo of the buildings over the water. this is about the best that I managed…..

.Hong Kong has confirmed itself as one of my favourite places in Asia. I do enjoy Singapore, but Hong Kong has four seasons of weather and – dare I say it – more personality. Still maybe it is because I am enjoying this travel thing…..  🙂

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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