This is the week that was….

Before I head away to Grahamstown this week – and maybe to restricted or no internet, I thought it was a good time to make another entry here.

During the week, the nature of my work means that there is very little opportunity to do anything ‘touristically’ interesting…the arrival of the drama examiner was the high point of the week. Nice to have somebody to talk to at breakfast  – and to be able to empty the “grudge bucket” together at the end of the day  🙂

PE beach hotel room My room here has been nice – quite large and with a view out towards the sea. Regular arguments with the light switch in the bathroom, but it is comfortably used – not so new and modern that you are scared to touch anything. I have continued to make my own dinners in the room and the housekeeping staff have put in a plate and cutlery (and a wine glass!) to make that a more comfortable experience. Wine DOES taste better out of a wine glass. True! Try it and see  🙂


On Friday I replaced my coffee lunch with Mum – it was little far to travel! – and had lunch and coffee at a nearby café. Was quite nice coffee and pleasant to escape the exam territory for a while – especially after quite a tense morning.


Saturday morning, the local rep picked up both us examiners and did a tour around the precincts of PE. We made out way along the coast a little way to a place called Sacramento. A beach place with some interesting rock formations. We stopped there at a roadhouse/café for coffee. The waitress evinced admiration for  “The Flight of the Conchords” – good that NZ is known for something other than the All Blacks and “Lord of the Rings”. The drama examiner would have liked her to evince more admiration for him!  😉 Bellow are some views of the beach, the café and Judy Speyers (rep) and James Nickerson (Drama examiner)

Sacramento 1 Sacramento cafe Sacramento, James and Judy

Saturday afternoon…Currie Cup (Rugby) Final. A ferocious match which saw the Sharks come out quite easy winners. It was also great to see the end of the Waikato/Auckland Semi-final from New Zealand. Interesting that we saw that live here, but saw nothing of the NZ/Australia debacle! – probably just as well…

PE, church service-1 This was disturbed by a church service that had been set up on the beach front over the way. I suddenly realised that the gospel singing I was hearing did not emanate from the television set, so went to investigate! did not go too close!

In the evening we had Trinity Guildhall dinner, with James and the Judy and her husband plus lady (and her husband) who looks after us at venues. We imbibed much good SA Red wine and enjoyed large steaks with salad and a cheesy potato dish. I shan’t need to eat red meat again for a long time! It was a most enjoyable evening. Drama examiners are by nature extroverted and there was much hilarity all round.

So today is the day to gather myself for what is quite a hard week – travel to Grahamstown after a day of examining and start there extra early in the morning to avoid having to transport a marimba! Tomorrow I also travel – to Jeffrey Bay – reputedly one of the world’s best surfing spots. I may have an opportunity to see for myself. I did think of going to see the film ‘Eat, Pray, Love”, but reviews are not good and as many of you know, I don’t enjoy Julia Roberts, so I decided to wait until I don’t pay for it at home…..:)

So this has been my week. Another one coming up. We shall see what Grahamstown has to offer. Hopefully some internet connection!

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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