Grey day

A grey, fairly blah type of day…

At breakfast  – one of two guests in the dining room at 8.00 (the others had all been up until at least 2.00pm I think…noisy Saturday night!) – I ate my cereal and toast while the five waitrons were busy talking among themselves. then I went to my room to make a cup of tea. I am sure that if I were black or beautiful they would have been all over me…

 RIMG0002I went for a walk for about 2 hours this morning – wandering, pondering…always dangerous. However I managed to see most of the area around the hotel and waterfront. Not really much that I can talk about. I took a photo  from my hotel balcony and also one of a statue that I saw – a German memorial. The early pioneers here must have been pretty amazing people to have made the treks that they did over this amazing countryside. In the time taken to come to East London from Cape Town there would have been births, weddings, deaths and sundry other familial incidents/accidents.RIMG0004

East London must be at church this morning, Not many people on the road. There is the beach here, which is quite nice. However coming from NZ, well a beach is a beach and then….

I did see a market, which was fun to walk through. Everything that I have seen that I wanted to take home as an african memento has been too big – no, not the women! Drums, shakers, all made of natural materials…can you imagine trying to get these things through Agriculture in NZ? !!

i also went to a very nice luncheon with the family of the local rep. Held at one of their houses, we ate in a semi-alfresco room like a garage attached to the house,which had only two covered in walls which looked out upon a cottage garden. they live in the room much of the time. Very beautiful. I want to plant my backyard like this once I have the Camellia hedge and Olive and Yucca trees fully established

RIMG0001 RIMG0007

Yesterday I was in my room watching the Springboks in their rugby battle with Wales. At the end of the first half, the channel went off into blank screen. After going to ask reception, who seemed to know little about it but “will ask maintenance”…..I went down to the Bar to watch it on the screen there, It was not difficult to find, as I could hear the noise from outside my room. I went in and my ears were assaulted by the noise of two sound systems (and two televisions) with the commentary for the game being in two languages. the combined noise meant that you could not hear either of the commentaries! I settled down- glass in hand – to watch the game. It was fun to watch the antics of the people as the Springboks finally manage to eke out a close and grimly-fought win. they take their rugby very seriously over here. They were also telling me that there were only two nations that could play rugby – SA and NZ! I did point out that England had severely trumped Australia,,,  🙂

Before the start of the NZ match against Scotland, I went to the restaurant for a “quick” meal. It took forty minutes for my vegetarian Moussaka to arrive. It was however very enjoyable and quite cheap. Hardly worth walking down to the supermarket! Another recipe to try when I get back home. It did mean that by the time I arrived back in my room after dinner, the Scottish match was rather a one-sided affair, so I mostly read my book – the 20th book I have read since arriving in SA.

The hotel is beginning to fill up again for the week. They seem to host a lot of conferences here. hopefully it will be a lot quieter tonight than it was last night! Because of the noise I am rather tired this evening, but it is not my imagination. Today has been grey!

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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