My Fill o’ sophocleS peaking

This is the time of year that I generally pull out my vent on “How bad is Valentine‘s Day commercialism” thing. I have done that for two or three years now. However you will have to go back and look for it now if you want to read it. It may even have been deleted in the move over to WordPress or during the time when I deleted my whole archive here.

My feelings about Valentine’s day commercialism have not changed. However a couple of years ago I wrote also about “Life outside the Fridge”.


Here is my prize camellia in a pot. It was totally barren when I returned from the UK not long ago. I figured that like me, it suffered too much deprivation in the previous 5 months – having been away from New Zealand most of the time since mid-September.

I left the pot with dead Camellia on the deck to attend to once the February heat had gone and temperatures and humidity were more encouraging  for a new pot plant to grow in my old recycling bin.

So a couple of weeks later and numerous watering of all the pot plants on the deck with my watering system and ….BEHOLD!!!…it has leaves – all totally by accident. Admittedly they are difficult to see in this photo, but they are there. My camellia has suffered the Lazarus effect and is coming back from the dead!

But wait…there’s more!!! I can do the same!

I emerged from the sterility of life inside of my fridge – almost two years ago now. I became less hermit-like and let people in –  took the risk to interact rather more. Occasionally I have felt the door almost slammed in my face – and it does hurt when that happens – but I have managed to keep making small steps to escape the icy tentacles of life in a fridge. With some encouragement I have started to reach out to life more, rather than waiting for life to come to me. I do envy those people who seem to do that – who take hold of life and get out there and just do it. That has never been something I have done easily.

My aim is to go from the photo above to the photo below……

IMAG0033Note here the proliferation of flowers on this Yucca. Hard to see as well are the other flower heads which are starting to grow upwards like this magnificent flower head which grows opposite my mother’s front door.

Now this plant, with its abundance and lust for life, shows evidence of TLC and is a plant to be admired for its enjoyment of life and sense of continued growth.

As some of you know, I enjoy flowers. They don’t hurt people and they respond well to love and support. Humanity could do well to follow their example.

I am a little like the Camellia at the top but want to be more like the Yucca at the bottom.

I hope you have enjoyed “My Philosophically Speaking…”

PS. Now go back and understand the title….  🙂

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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1 Response to My Fill o’ sophocleS peaking

  1. Jackie Byrne says:

    Love the title. All I can say is ‘Go forth into the sunshine and blossom’.

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