Bright City lights

As I leave The bright city lights of Auckland, time to consider where …

Auckland lights a

cafe-pathI have seen some very interesting scenery around the upper part of the North Island of NZ in the past few weeks. Colours, textures and tastes have all been intriguing – eating baklava on a deck overlooking some really beautiful NZ bush, 190 metres up the Sky Tower in a restaurant that revolves 360 degrees every hour (see the photo above), a well kept secret culinary restaurant in Rotorua and many other gourmet delights. Bush walks that take hours, but seem to last for minutes, with animals and birds to delight. Gardens to tempt the eyes. New Zealand is indeed a paradise on the surface.

 gorge-spider Mount-Manganui Rotorua-geyser

Malaysia is a country full of colour. There are big cities but lots of quite empty countryside with much of the local ecology on view. It will be interesting to see how the environment is being cared for here. One of the hotels in which I am staying is in the middle of a rainforest. I doubt this will be a good place to run. The temperature will no doubt put me off in any case and I am sure I could not outrun the local Malaria mosquitoes!


I will be interested to see how the Muslim religion works in a country that is rather more moderate than some. I am expecting to drink rather less alcohol – something that will not do me any harm of course. However I hope to see something of the more spiritual side of the people while I am there. As I work in several places for longer than a week, I should be able to walk around the vicinity – mosquito repellent on of course! – and see more of the life there than a tourist who possibly only goes to the tourist traps.

A few days in Kuala Lumpur towards the end of my stay will give me some big city life. Remembering the noise of KL the last time I was there, that may be enough start to put me off the “bright city lights”…


About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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1 Response to Bright City lights

  1. Ann says:

    Hi David
    Hope you’ve arrived safely in Malaysia. Protect yourself well against those mozzies!

    Please explain what the picture of the paving is in your post with the numbers on it and other insignia. Looks interesting.

    Hope you enjoy the rain forest and some spiritual experiences, which will uplift you. Being in the rain forest itself should be a spiritual experience. 😉

    Clarinet is improving – think my embouchure is getting stronger.

    Hope you have a successful exam session and that things go smoothly.


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