David---Malaysia,-KKKota Kinabalu – a place I have seen on television I think once in a golf tournament. KK as it is called, was a great experience. There is a direct flight from Perth, Australia and it is a great place to visit. The airport is well organised and I would think a really good way to enter Malaysia. KK is in Sabah, one of the largest states in Malaysia – on the Island of Borneo.

It is a city of around 500,000 people with a decidedly cosmopolitan feel. Not too big to lose its own personality – as big cities tend to do all over the world.

I spent a couple of days walking in the heat and humidity – about 30 degrees or more. I must look quite strange at times with sweat, hat and glasses on and no doubt quite red in the face. Not that I lack fitness I hasten to add – I have spent about an hour each day in the gym working not only on fitness, but also on some weight work. It has been good in fact. I feel more flexible and have definitely helped a few muscle pains  🙂 No attempt to develop a 6-pack, but to retain good fitness and strength levels.

Anyway back to KK!

  Malaysia---Red-Chinese-hibi Malaysia---white-pink-flowe

The heat and humidity allow much lush growth with colourful flowers and lots of palms and leafy green foliage. the pink flower above is white in the morning and goes pink in the sun. Around every corner are trees or plants – even in the centre of the city, which is where I was walking. There is good ambience – the busyness of an Asian country, but some thought given to being able to relax and lose some of the stress that  besets many Asian countries. The people show that with their open and friendly nature.


above is a bird of Paradise plant and getting up close with a pineappple plant. Walk around the corner and there in the middle of a busy roundabout is the sight of the National flower –  a Red (Chinese) hibiscus – Rosa sinensis, called Bunga Raya locally. not even I dared to try to get too much closer to that with the traffic whizzing past!


Malaysia has lots of wonderful food. See here the Durian fruit – called the king of fruits. Looking somewhat like a small hedgehog, this fruit releases what I can only call a potent smell once you peel it. However the taste is quite extraordinary. Once you have eaten one you are more prepared to endure the olfactory hostility that the fruit engenders. It leaves Parmesan cheese far behind!! And yes, I did have one. I also had a Mangosteen fruit (which looks something like a passion fruit and opens to display a white-fleshed segmented inside)and something like a pink grapefruit – all on the same memorable evening. Being a fruit nut (excuse the play on words here!) this was a delicious and invigorating night.

Malaysia---Durian-fruitMalaysia - Mangosteen

Malaysia---Isaac I was introduced to several different foods here in KK, owing to the kindness of the people with whom I was working here. One day I was taken to a marina club restaurant for a lovely lunch. Here is a picture of Isaac, the young son of my hosts – who seemed happy to let me experience several types of cuisine.

There was a meal of Crocodile meat, Ostrich, a seafood restaurant, Hainanese chicken and rice, japanese and also the various local fares – a good Nasi Lemak stands out in my memory – a veritable joy to have all these wonderful foods

I thoroughly enjoyed KK and will look forward to  returning there again.

Yes KK you are OK!!

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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