Relaxing nature

First I have to show you one more spectacular sunset taken in KK on my phone, so maybe it does not do it complete justice…

Malaysia - KK sunset

 Malaysia---Sandakan-rainfor Sandakan – from a hotel in the middle of jungle green. On arrival, I was looking to escape some heat, after a day in which I had made my connection between flights by 2 minutes – no kidding! I had just sat down to put away my passport etc when they made the final call for my next flight. It had been a tense day so I looked forward to escaping into the cocooned aircon climate of the hotel.

Surprise! The Sabah hotel  – the “best hotel in Sandakan” has a lobby open to the open air, with the air circulating around your ankles – if you still have any after flying…

I thought to myself after checking in, that I would not use the lobby café for anything much, but after checking out the bar, with a rather ordinary band of guitar. The ubiquitous electric keyboard and three singers – two of whom were men and would make ME look/sound ok as a singer, I started to change my mind…

However my room had a great view of the pool at nightMalaysia---Sandakan-Sabah-h

The next day I walked down the hill (I am good at going DOWNHILL!) to the city centre, thinking to find the Mall when I got there so that I could cool off. Surprise times 2! the largest mall in Sandakan is a collection of open air stall in two storeys. A new one is being built on the waterfront – but at the moment it is a collection of concrete and steel reinforcement. Eventually I found a supermarket of sorts and cooled off looking around there. Apparently even the Malaysian locals thought it was hot last weekend in Sandakan!

Malaysia---sandakan-downhil Malaysia---Sandakan-waterfr

I wandered around the city centre for a couple of hours – even the tourist information site was closed – open Monday to Friday! Not a lot of use for this tourist. My notes from the Malaysian rep say that maps and information etc are easily available in hotel lobbies. I think he must be talking about Kuala Lumpur. That has certainly not been the case in any of the three places I have visited in Sabah or Sarawak.

Malaysia---Sandakan-Sabah-hIn the afternoon, a walk back to the hotel and a swim in their beautiful pool – which I found very good after using their slightly middle-aged gym equipment! Sandakan is slightly colonial still. The Agnes Keith house is one of the main local attractions – about 10 – 15 minutes walk from my hotel. Too expensive to go on my own to see the Orangutans and Proboscis monkeys (native to Borneo and possibly I will see them ‘wild’ in Brunei in any case), so it was a restful Sunday, spent mostly around the hotel – in the swimming pool and generally re-charging batteries after a fairly hard week of work – well you try listening to nearly 150 pianists of various levels and abilities, especially with many of them Initial to Grade 1 players – in and out in 11 minutes!


Sandakan was a complete change from bustling KK, but it does have a charm all its own.

 Malaysia---Sandakan-hotel-b      David - Malaysia, sandakan pool



Once used to the more outdoor nature of the    place that lobby café became a safe haven for a food and drink of a relaxing nature…

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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