Laze in Labuan

Malaysia - Labuan Island  I travelled to Labuan for a day of exams and back again. Labuan is an Island just off the cost of Malaysia – known as a duty free port. Notably wine and chocolate are significantly cheaper than in other parts of Malaysia. Before going it had been strongly suggested that I might like to purchase some of each of them.

Malaysia - Labuan, duty free shopping

After completing my work there I managed to walk around a little. Sure enough wine prices are almost as low as they are in New Zealand and chocolate is probably a little cheaper. My diet of course is based on the use of red wine and chocolate, so while I was very unusually restrained – showing great control for a change! – I did buy one of each of the aforesaid articles. The wine is still to be drunk  (Well I think so, as I gave it to the Brunei rep and he thought we would have it next week when are both there). The chocolate – well it had caramel in it, so you can just about guess how long my self-control lasted. I doubt anybody would have been satisfied!

Malaysia - Labuan, floating village Malaysia - Labuan, temple Malaysia - Labuan, chimney

Other delights of Labuan – some lovely birds. I can’t say that I went to all these places, and some of these photos are not mine, but they do give some idea of the ambience and lassitude surrounding Labuan. Quite developed – more so than Sandakan, with trees alongside the road, Labuan is quite beautiful. Imagine how the statue below would work at the great Panmure roundabout – one of the victims to be of the new Auckland transport plan

Malaysia - Labuan, roundabout Malaysia - Labuan, street scene

The diving is said to be splendid, with coral reefs off-shore. From the plane I was able to see some of those colours when we took off to fly back to Miri. I have seen photos, but as I did not venture that way I have not used any of them here.

The heat in Labuan (as in most of Malaysia) can be oppressive, but as long as you have a long drink of some of the wonderful juices here with you then it gives you an even better reason to laze in Labuan.

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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