Home Sweet Home


Back home from Malaysia. Time to consider life here in NZ. I am still very angry at the Auckland  City Council decision to give millions of ratepayer money to a Maori statutory board when there already plenty of positions available for Maori representation on the council. This despite much protest from the people of Auckland. Well I guess that is what we get for voting such an inept mayor. It is easy to say that I did not vote for him, but somehow that gives me little satisfaction. Auckland is in trouble.

I fear the whole country is in trouble. Is it time to consider leaving these troubled and shaking shores? No I did not feel the small earthquake which apparently happened here tonight. I was trying to work out what I was doing at that time, but it certainly had nothing to do with the earth moving!  Probably much more to do with enjoying the glorious music coming from my new stereo equipment. I have truly joined the digital age with a new Uniqute amplifier made by Naim. Back to the makers of the best amplifier I had centuries ago. It runs off a server with digital inputs for tv/video and will even run wirelessly if I choose to. At present it suits to have it connected but who knows what the future holds.
Anyway, back to NZ. I don’t think I could join the current exodus to Australia. I don’t think I like the country enough. Certainly there are good things about it but I think i would prefer to live in either Europe or Asia.
I like the work ethic in Asia. People there do not expect handouts from the government as they do in NZ. We have created a generation or more of people who think it is their right to do nothing and when they need money the government will give it to them. We decry the
street people we see in other countries, yet many people here are similar except for the fact that they find another benefit for the government to pay them more money.
This week I heard some protest at the government’s decision to remove people from state houses if they could afford to pay a normal rental. These are houses that are meant to be for families in need. A significant number of these houses sport SKY television satellites. Some of these people even own other houses which they rent out at market rates while living themselves in these low rent state houses.

Yes there is much to admire in a welfare state,
but it has gone crazy now and will bankrupt this country in the future because we have one two or three generations of families all living off social welfare.

So where to go? Which country would welcome a musician of advancing years to its shores? Mhhh. I can see why people from here settle in Australia. Immigration anywhere else is difficult. At least from NZ we can enter and stay in Australia without difficulty.

But then again…..Australia…. a country slowly dying of thirst…and full of Australians….. I think it is a matter of home sweet home….

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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