Live up to the Naim

In the last year I have made quite a lot of improvements to my little “castle”  – I use this term very advisedly!….

However my house is almost unrecognizable if you have not been here for about a year. Almost every room has been changed significantly and I have plans now for further improvements. I might as well use the money, as it won’t do anything sitting in a bank or other account at the moment, thanks to the fun and games in USA and Europe…

However  one of the best improvements is one that I have only completed lately and appreciated even more when returning from being away performing.

I bought myself a digital hifi system. At the centre of this little beauty is a NAIM Unitiqut stereo-systemAmplifier Not much bigger than a large book, this machine is absolutely amazing. I owned a NAIM pre-power amplifier in the days when I had more money than sense. Now, while  I have a little more sense (debatable?), I do not mind having less money!!  🙂 So expensive, yes. Worth it? YES

I have burnt nearly all my CDs in lossless format to a central drive, which contains all my media files. I have spent a lot of time now cataloguing the files so that I am able to find them on the drive.

I also bought lately some REGA R7 speakers. Rega became known first as a manufacturer of turntables. The speakers replaced some quite capable Wharfedale speakers that I bought early this year. I am using the spikes on the bottom of these to improve the sound even more. Suffice it to say that this is simply the best system I have ever owned. The sound us transparent, but weighty when it needs to be. At low volume, there is still a good balance in the sound.

An extra bonus is the fact that I can run the system from my computer home network and also my phone. I can find tracks and albums on any of these from anywhere in the house and play them – or pause/stop them as I wish. Very handy when I want to turn off the music and go to sleep


Life in the digital age can be very cool. This is a great system with a very CUTE amplifier at its centre – it is easily able to live up to the Naim!  🙂

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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