Settled in Hong Kong

After a week here in Hong Kong, I am starting to feel quite settled. The room in my hotel looks out over Victoria Harbour. On a clear day (cough, cough) I can see the Island. Don’t ask about the not-clear days…It is great room with quite a lot of space, mostly quiet and after some negotiation with the manager, free internet access…might have had something to do with the sight of a kiwi in shorts and bare feet sitting in the hotel lobby as the wireless internet there was free… One of my friends has already said I was always good at getting my own way. I bet my siblings also agree with that!

 RIMG0055 RIMG0116

Of course the highlight of the week would have to be the two rugby matches which the All blacks played. Isn’t it strange how not living in your home country can make you feel more…patriotic….well if not patriotic, then at least proud  🙂 I found a nice pub  – almost empty last weekend, but full of strangely quiet Australians today – now THERE’S an oxymoron….! Table is booked for next weekend’s game against the French.


So today has been my first day off. (We work Tuesday – Saturday in HK). I have been working out at Tsuen Wan, which is out in the New Territories. It takes half an hour to get there – cross the road, down the stairs and along the subway until I get to the MTR and then go to the end of the line. Up stairs and through the MTR mall until I get to Parsons Music Store where I lock myself in a padded cell (yes, I know, I am getting in some practice!).

Tsuen Wan fountain Tsuen Wan street scene

I have had one rather extended lunch at Tsuen Wan, so I went for a walk and found a little garden area. There is not much greenery around in central Hong Kong, so I took the opportunity to spend some time there. Seems a little ironic to use my e-reader in such a place, but it has proven yet again to be invaluable on a trip such as this. Very little truly fluent English this far out from central HK. I have found a couple of places to eat with english menu translations or speakers. I suspect I will spend some time out at Tsuen Wan, so I will probably locate more as I go. There is a whole city centre to explore!

Tsuen Wan Tin Hau temple Tsuen Wan, Sam Kun gardens

Today was spent around Kowloon. Two green areas – Signal Hill Garden and the Kowloon Park attracted me today – the first really sunny day in a while.

Signal Hill was where they used to hoist a signal (hence the pragmatic name!) which told the ships in or around the port area, when it was exactly 12.00 – useful information for navigators. Not much of an area left untrammelled by the encroaching concrete and glass edifices that pass for architecture, however a nice oasis in the busy city area. at the top there was a religious gathering – all dressed in white. The thought did occur to me that it was probably an illegal gathering fomenting rebellion in a group of more than twenty, however they are not occupying Wall Street, so can’t be that important…

RIMG0060 RIMG0067 RIMG0074 RIMG0075

Then along to Kowloon Park. A few flowers here – hey this is Hong Kong. Not a lot of arboreal splendour here! Lots and lots of people – many muslim women, obviously waiting for their  men to escape from the mosque. Also several groups of people learning and practicing Tai Chi and a walk around the bird aviary (No pictures here as there is wire separating people from the birds – or was that the other way round…? Oh well no matter, it was not good for photos.

After all that strenuous exercise, it was time to head to a prominent position for the big game!

I will expostulate about the food here another time. Suffice it to say that I have had Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Hong Kongese!, Salads and various other beautiful foods. I keep on forgetting to take photos until after I have destroyed the meal, but I will do that in a future piece of blathering on. For now, farewell from me, settled in Hong Kong

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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