Hong Kong Happenings

One thing about Hong Kong….it is quite heavily polluted, but there is lots happening here.

First to address the pollution part of that statement, look at the two photos below. Both of them are taken from my room around sunrise (thanks jetlag!!)

 HK-sunrise-clear Hk-Panorama-view-hazy-2

It is quite simple to see the difference between these two photos – no Photoshop wizardry here! Taken from almost the same position, you can see the haziness here very “unclearly”. The API here in TST is always on moderate to high or higher. On some intersections it is even cloudy looking at buildings on the other side of the road!

Here is a photo taken today out at Tsuen Wan – where I am examining. It is not raining, it is merely hazy with dust and pollution. Tsuen Wan is well away from the centre of HK, so you can imagine how much worse it is in the city


The pollution probably has many causes, but much of it is because of the high density population. Still the number of people here means there are lots of events happening all over HK. Halloween is coming up and it seems to have taken a good hold here with lots of Halloween specials and shop displays. Fortunately they will find it difficult to ‘trick or treat’  me, because they need a key card to get up to the upper floors of my hotel. Besides, do any real HK people live in TST? I doubt it.They probably avoid it like the plague, as it is a tourist place. Below is the Halloween display at the No. 1 Mall round the corner from the hotel, which has quite a good supermarket with ‘fresh’ food. I go there quite often as you might imagine. On another floor of the Mall was the M & M display – they were giving away packets of them the other day. I could not be bothered to wait in the queue…

 HK-Halloween-display HK-M-and-M-display

HK---painter-in-Kowloon-parThere are people everywhere of course here, with the number of people in a small area very high. I do like the way in which people manage to carry on with their activities, despite all the people around. this painter was working  – very concentratedly – in the middle of Kowloon Park amid lots of families and activity around her

Here is a photo of a typical suburban apartment estate just past Hong Hum. there are any number of these. I could take this type of photo literally thousands of times. Note here the washing  and think how many people must live in such a confined area – some of them only rarely leaving the estate, because there are shops etc at the bottom. where I examine in Tsuen Wan, they have everything – doctor, schools, library – all on site. One of the Hong Kong people I met said they did not like NZ because of all the house and the spread-out nature of the cities.


One evening I went along the waterfront here – in fact several evenings! I want to go and catch the nightly laser show which utilizes the buildings on the harbour. It is quite a display, which attracts thousands every evening. I have of course seen it but would like to go watch it again – see if I can capture some good shots for a future blog.

However this particular evening. I enjoyed looking at this parrot. I am sorry I do not know exactly what kind of bird this is. However, the owner did let me stroke the bird, which was cool – even without asking for any money! However once I did about 20 or 30 (mostly Mainland) Chinese people immediately gathered around wanting to stroke it as well. The bird became a little restive then, so I left  🙂

A little further along the walkway which is a smokefree area by the way – New Zealand could follow this good example. We pride ourselves on our environmentally clean image (So close to an election I simply can’t use the word ‘green’), but we really do very little about it. It mostly happens because the country is so spread out – and now off my soapbox and back to the business at hand…I saw this …”asian – like” playground – beautifully colourful. I remember buying wooden toys for children because they were supposed to like them, when in fact they often the cheap plastic COLOURFUL toys.


And then later in the evening, I took a shot of the buildings on Hong Kong Island. The tall building on the right is the IFC (International Finance Centre) building, which reminds me of a story about Texas-Small size condoms…especially with the Asian size next door….but anyway…  😉 Wandering a little further along is a rather nice former police hotel. when I saw the tree in this photo, my first thought was “ How large do you want your pot to be Madam…?”

HK-Island-across-harbour-ni HK-large-tree-at-1881

So life here may be hectic and sometimes rather dusty and polluted, but there are quite a lot of Hong Kong Happenings.

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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