Lamma Glamour

Lamma Island loomed on the horizon this week. Taking the ferry across to the central ferry pier was a quick 4 minute trip, on a charming old ferry surrounded by skyscrapers and apartment buildings, all striving to be the highest. Maybe closer to the heavens the rich and famous can escape the miasma of the pollution which we mortals encounter at ground level.

HK-Harbour-hydrofoil  HK-Harbour-view

Leaving Central pier for a 30 minute trip on the ferry – during which the beauty of Victoria Harbour and the amount of use that is made of it can be seen – it is a total change to arrive at Lamma Island. This is a small fishing village, which in many respects could remind one of Kawhia in New Zealand – including the sign which lets you know where you are. The main street (pictured below) is full of restaurants and tourist trade shops. there is however a significant permanent-residence population here, with many people travelling in to HK for work or school every day. It is a lovely bay to come into.


And a gorgeous photo of Bruce! I saw this on a shop wall. One of your best photos mate!


An immediate change in air quality, with clear skies and a pleasant breeze sending a pall of cloud over the Mainland far away over the sea. So time for a bushwalk. Rather a different experience from that in NZ. Here in Hong Kong there are gentle concrete paved rises, with toilets on the way and lots of signs telling you things you can’t do…:)


However i did manage to spy some plants – A Banana tree, “just like the one that Dad used to grow” – which of course is related to Christmas Bog cake “just like my mother used to make”..yeah I know peculiar sense of humour…if you have read this far without knowing that already, then probably you shouldn’t have bothered!…which reminds me…I bought my mother’s Christmas present today…..and no I am not going to say what it is and nor will she guess it in a million attempts and 21 questions won’t work either…HK,-Lamma-Island-banana-tre  

I also saw some nice flowers, but I have no idea what they are. I am sure that some deserving person will tell me… I must be in a strange mood this evening. Probably something to do with the meeting this evening between my eye with this man’s elbow at great velocity this evening. I must be concussed…just as well I use soft lenses now…no seriously before I get a huge number of emails asking me if I am ok…LOL…in my dreams…I might have a slight black eye tomorrow but i am fine

 HK,-Lamma-Island-flower-1   HK,-Lamma-Island-flower-2

Anyway the point of this walk was to get to the only wind generator in Hong Kong. It is a government run (aren’t they all here?) project. It is quite impressive, but well, south Africa has a bigger one!…..  😉 The view from up there back towards the South side of Hong Kong Island was impressive as well – Aberdeen and Stanley figuring here.

HK,-Lamma-Island-wind-gener  HK,-Lamma-Island----view-of

Not as impressive however is the sight the other side of the hill – the main Hong Kong Island power station – all nicely hidden away at the end of a beach and dominating the landscape of much of Lamma Island. The photo may not loom large, but it is a lot bigger than the Huntly Power station – which I guess you could say is well hidden away in New Zealand…


The beach below gave an opportunity to remove the offending pommie sneakers and socks and dabble my feet in the water. It was warm, and a whole lot cleaner than the water around Mount Maunganui is at the moment. That situation should give the Greenies something to gripe about. Might even win them a few more votes! Anyway the view was good from this direction. In the other direction all you saw was the power station.


On the walk back to the main street and the wharf for the ferry trip back to Hong Kong Island. I saw this little farm. Apparently they grow the vegetables just for themselves and do not sell them.

HK,-Lamma-Island-farmThere was also time to stop for a Gran’s beancurd pudding. A slightly improved form of Junket (not difficult). still if you lay back and thought of England you could feel it sliding down much the same. It was pretty nice – sweet but not really sinful enough.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my little expedition and a taste of the Lamma Glamour…     

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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