Gastronomic Hong Kong

I seem to have been busy in the last week. I was privileged to go to a concert given by the Show choir of the ICS (International Christian School) where a friend from my school Youth Orchestra days now teaches. After 8 weeks of the school year, this was most impressive. I have included the link for anybody wishing to see a “Glee” type choir without the advantages of pre-recording everything (though you will need a facebook account to be able to login to the page). You can see the discipline involved in this kind of presentation. The show lasted for about 90 minutes, with high levels of energy and some very powerful messages coming through. This is a class at school here! Watch out NCEA!!  🙂

[3] – Billionaire

Show Choir Concert: “This musical uses classic and modern songs to tell the story of those in need in Hong Kong. It challenges the notion that teenagers are helpless to change circumstances and encourages others to take a stand and make a difference.” Speak up for the people who have no voice for the rights of all the down-and-outers. Proverbs31:8[The Message]


As I have said, Hong Kong is a great place for eating. there are many gastronomic delights to be found here, with all types of food. It may not be the shopping paradise it once was, but the food has improved since I first started coming here.

P1010023I have had eaten out of course most of the time while here in Hong
Kong. No cooking facilities at the hotel and the availability of many cheap and wholesome restaurants make this most pleasant

One meal I had was at the Din Tai Fung Restaurant, known for its dumplings and well-cooked but simple Chinese food. This is a large and very popular restaurant. Unfortunately I did not have the presence of mind to photograph the dumplings, so you will have to take my word for it that they were absolutely beautiful – succulent and … “tasty”

On the menu were some very nice Wontons in Garlic Sauce and Steamed Chicken, cold in Chinese Wine sauce. Watch out for this at my next dinner! It was great. Add to this a very nice Shanghai vege dish with quite chewy tofu, for an extraordinary meal for three people with a cost of HKD$356 (about NZ$55).


But it does not finish there of course…..

I was taken out by the shop people at Tsueng Wan, where I have been working most of the time so far. We went to a local restaurant to savour some of their delights. On the menu here were more dumplings – and yes the liquid did spurt out if you ate them incorrectly! We also had beef and noodles in soup, a vegetable noodle soup, Shanghai Vegetable and a vegetable red curry. These were a lovely mixture of foods followed by…

HK-beef-with-noodles hk-noodles-in-vege-soup Hk-Shanghai-vegeHk-red-curry

…a great, but simple Red Bean Cake and Glutinous Rice Balls with Osmanthus (or something like that – no I  didn’t know what it was either!) inside in a ginger sauce.(Simply perfect for my sweet and sinful  tooth).


Of course there are plenty of other foods that I could mention. A plethora of styles and tastes. Below here is duck breast and yellow noodles (I think the sauce is yellow, not the noodles), which I ate at a local Taiwan Kitchen shop one long lunchtime (This was my SECOND visit…!).


Also note the decadence of a Yoghurt dessert at a place not far from my hotel in I-Square. Charged out by weight, you simply add the toppings you want to the flavour(s) of yoghurt that you choose. I think this concept would work well in Auckland. Much cheaper than Haagen-Dazs ice-cream, and pretty much as delightful – it puts on just as much weight of course, but I am also doing up to about an hour each day in the gym. I have met my weight-work/resistance training goal already so I am notching it up further.


So welcome to just a very few of the delights of Gastronomic Hong Kong

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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