Tread the lights fantastic

Every night at 8.00, here in Hong Kong, the night skies are lit up with a laser light show, using the buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour. Hundreds of people (nearly all tourists) gather on the promenade front on the Kowloon side of the harbour to watch the show and listen to the stirring music which is played through the speakers dotted around the Avenue of Stars there. My photos do not really do it justice, but they present some of the atmosphere (This sounds rather like something out of an examination report!….)





Victoria Harbour is a unique sight as it is, with a lot of beauty, but the laser show is a truly original way to showcase the buildings that have mushroomed around the harbour edge. the lasers go for about 20 minutes with the music supposedly synchronised. at the end, the music of course becomes even more stirring with the laser lights quite crowded in the night sky before it all dies away and people can go off to their dinners or other night time activities. Below you can see the Park on Chatham Road south (just across from our hotel) and one of the buildings that is quite spectacular on the Kowloon side of the harbour – the “dark side” as people on HK Island sometimes call it.

HK-building-at-night HK-Chatham-Road-park         

Hong Kong does not really open until 11.00 in the morning, so the evenings are generally late and full of activity. People say that Hong Kong never closes, but in reality, it closes in the mornings and stays awake through the night.

I very rarely put in photos of myself here, but this is so grotesque I thought I had to…the latest in fashion trends, direct from Hong Kong…elegant 3D glasses!


We had an examiners’ dinner the other night, as many of us are departing this weekend. Here are most of us with the local staff that look after our timetables etc and part of the feast we had that evening – before the Rock School examiners tore into it!


Also today I had a takeaway lunch ordered for me at my exam centre. Chicken and noodles. Quite a feast for lunch, when you add a few pig’s ears and chicken wings plus the bubble tea that they also ordered for me. More weight to lose when I get home! No, hopefully the gym work has helped with that. It has certainly helped with other things.




Finally…the Christmas decorations are just beginning to go up around the city now. Here are some of those that I have seen. there are larger ones in the Malls, but I have finished spending money – for the moment, so it is better not to go and be tempted by the malls – self-control!!  🙂

 HK-christmas-1 HK-christmas-2

I particularly like the quaint one below here which is at K-11 – through where I walk frequently from the MTR station to the hotel. Such Victorian, British colonial figures!


It make such a change to see these kinds of things as I venture forth in Hong Kong and tread the lights fantastic!

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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