I (h) Malaysia

A good flight to Kuala Lumpur to start off my tour here. My seat choice worked and I ended up with four empty seats and was able to lie down – if not to sleep for all that long….Quite a good way in which to start a long overseas tour I think as there were a number of empty seats on the Malaysia Air flight. However I think I had the only fully empty row  Smile

More good news when I arrived at my hotel about 9.00 in the morning to find that  my room was….READY!!!  Smile More than that….because I am here for so long I get free internet access and some laundry done free of charge. I will have forgotten how to look after myself after a few weeks of this – no cooking and no clothes washing…..I think I will have to find myself a slave when I get home……


One World Hotel is situated at Petaling Jaya – about 12 kilometres out from the city centre in what they call a Satellite City. Attached to the hotel is a very large shopping centre with a plethora of restaurants in which to eat. Malaysia is a food haven, with good food available cheaply. Even in the mall the prices are much less than I would pay in New Zealand and even cheaper than in Hong Kong last year. In a later episode, I will talk about the foods I have eaten here.

The worst thing about being at this hotel is that it takes a taxi to get to anywhere – even to public transport. I was thinking about walking to the local bus/train station on Sunday so I set out in the morning. The first place I came across was Central Park – yes nothing like central Park in NYC – which I have never seen and never will now because I don’t want to travel to the US again.


Not a huge park, nor incredibly auspicious, however I came across a dog show. I had wondered why there were all these people walking these very well behaved dogs!!…. and these rather old-fashioned looking streamers


I also enjoyed seeing some real flowers in the park – not manicured at all, but obviously tended and allowed to flourish. The colours and shapes are amazing and I was able to get up close without being told to get off the grass…I know I have often said in my defence that I like flowers because they don’t bite you back, but I did find after one photo that I had about 50 large biting ants on my arm and hand…it took some time to get rid of them all. No lasting effects however  Smile

After about 15 minutes walking in the hot sun here, I approached a place where they have a shuttle bus to get to the train station…..a shopping Mall called “The Curve”. Now here is one of the reasons I quite like Malaysia….”The Curve” is a modern up to date Mall which I think is also quite charming – with some outside spaces a little like botany in Auckland – it gives it a village-like feel.

On the approach to this mall as I walked along the road – lost in my own thoughts – the Pavement-at-the-curvepavement suddenly stops and becomes like a dirt track alongside the road. I thought it might be better on the other side of the road, but it turned out (later on my way home) to be the same. I managed to avoid tripping over the edge of the erstwhile concrete pavement while in my reverie walking along, before making my way along this track. I actually enjoy the “realness” of life here in Malaysia. As I said before, not manicured, but allowed to flourish. Somehow it seems to be more down to earth (literally in this case).

The Mall itself is a shopping Mall, but I enjoyed walking along the outside “street” – whcih has a sort of market – and also found this beautiful palm specimen, in less than perfect surroundings….


…before walking back to my own hotel below

There is this juxtaposition of very modern and quaint, often next to each other. Malaysians are justly proud of their country. There is a lot of beauty here. I may not get to see much of the country this trip, as I am examining in the very hotel where I am staying. However my stay last year showed me some of the beauties of this country. It is part of the charm of Malaysia and helps me to feel that I “heart” Malaysia Smile

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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3 Responses to I (h) Malaysia

  1. Jacqui Hopkins says:

    Glad that you had a manageable flight! Looking forward to some Malaysian food when you get back. How long are you there for?

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