Relaxing in KL

KL---Examination-roomThis has been a quiet week. By the time I get up and eat a sumptuous breakfast, it is time to disappear into my examination cave, put on my examiner role and voice…and before I know it we are at the end of the day.


The examination room is a quite large hotel room on another floor of the hotel. It has quite a nice view however. Looking at these photos, I think I know where I would rather be. I have spent some time under the shade of the trees, reading.

KL---exam-room-view-1  KL---Exam-room-view-2

In the weekend, one of my jaunts led me up to the rooftop garden they have here. I tried to go up there during the week but it is only open in the weekend. When I tried to go there during the week, I ended up, after pressing the “broken” button in the lift innumerable times on a tour of the upper floor of the carpark building and in a place for people that want to climb walls – maybe they should have teenage children instead?…. No doubt it was all recorded on CCV TV, so I behaved myself  Smile

My visit to the rooftop garden unfortunately coincided with the arrival of some rain. I sat under cover for a while until some lightning started to develop rather close, so I thought it prudent to beat a hasty retreat…I hope to return there next weekend. However I did manage to get some shots of the colourful flowers there.

Tropical flowers and animals seem to have much more colour than the natives of NZ. It might have something to do with the heat here. I have talked before about NZ’s temperate climate maybe being the reason that we tend to be such passionless people. I have watched a lot of football since coming here – to be truthful, there is not much else on the television apart from old movies that I didn’t want to see the first time they ran and american propaganda machines like CNN. So ..back to the football….I did of course watch the Champions Cup final. the crowd there was rightfully passionate about their teams. However I also watched a little of a lesser german club game and the crowd – while smaller – were  as involved as in the much more important game. There were women in tears, men trying “manfully” NOT to be in tears. Somehow football inspires so much more than rugby seems to in NZ, even though it is supposedly our national sport. BTW I have seen not a word here about rugby on either television or in the newspapers, though I have kept up with results.

So to the food in Malaysia…

I have dined very well every night on less than NZ$10 at some of the restaurants in the shopping complex (except for this evening when I went to an “expensive” restaurant and paid about NZ$12). There is a foodhall, to which I have been once, but mostly I have been dining at restaurants – waiter/waitress service and all. The food has been eclectic and generally delicious. Last night for the first time I ate food from the same country for the second time. Every other night I have been treated to food of a different country for my evening meal – Malaysia, China, India, Thailand, Japan, Greece, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan. I may have missed one….

I felt a little strange taking photos on my first two days in some of the more public eating places, but generally now I am eating in private surroundings, so have taken some photos of many of the various dishes. Probably more meat than I generally eat, but I have balanced that out with other food sourcesduring the day – salads, cereal and fruit being the remainder of my diet here


I also found the same Yoghurt shop as in Hong Kong. Too fattening, but a nice treat in weekends.


The shopping complex here at Utama is vast – apparently in Forbes top ten list 2012 as one of the largest in the world. I don’t think I have managed to see all of it yet, though I have walked around parts of it every day. Here is a shot taken from the top floor (8th?) of one of the towers. I think there are three of these towers, though this is probably the tallest. they are separated by quite lengthy walks. You could get “shopping mall fit” here – I have preferred to use the hotel gym instead. In the weekends the mall is full of people. During the week it is more relaxing.


As well as the rooftop garden, the Mall has a Rainforest section, which I also explored

KL-reading-viewThe vast majority of my time has been spent in and around the shopping complex – avoiding buying too much to weigh me down when I return. A short walk away is Central Park, to where I go most lunch hours (time permitting) to read in the shade of a tree for a few minutes – trying to absorb the immunity part of the sun’s rays. Here is the view “from where I sit”…

So while it may seem as if I am doing very little on my visit to Kuala Lumpur, I have experienced the Malaysian “shopping culture” and have enjoyed greatly to be able to relax in KL.


About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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