FF – double forte……..equals very loud in musical terms. In KL it is many things – first the noise of the environment. Whether it is the constant buzz of the air-conditioning, the noise of the people or the traffic noise, it is a quite constant barrage of sound.

In the shopping Malls, the various shops and displays fight with every decibel of sound to attract attention – or in my case to send me away. there are people everywhere – at all times. This mall is open until 10 at night even during the week. While it can be relatively empty during the day, in the evening it is quite full. In weekends….well let us not go there….

The traffic noise intrudes into the outdoor environment. Even sitting at my “peaceful” spot by the swimming pool at lunchtime, where I am well above ground level, the traffic noise is more than a distant rumble of tyres and occasional squeal of brakes.


FF – fast and furious……the pace of life in KL?   Well yes and no…Some people do rush and there are certainly the rude people that will push in front of you  – especially if you are a foreigner. However the pace of life here is similar to the fairly laidback lifestyle of New Zealand. While shops and restaurants stay open until late in the evening, there is not the opulent night life of some big cities around the world. Much less alcohol – no doubt the influence of this being a largely Muslim state – and therefore not the nightclub scene as some people would expect. Instead, expect to be entertained at a hotel by a singer ( or two or three) – often accompanied by an electronic keyboard or ( at better hotels) a small rhythm section. No rap here, the music is reminiscent of the late last century cabarets.

FF – fast forward….not if you are travelling around KL! I watched the traffic on Sunday mid-afternoon at a standstill outside the hotel. I am told the daily traffic is best avoided from about 4.00 until 8.00 every night. There are several motorways around KL. They are inevitably crowded. Traffic in suburban Malaysia is just as bad. It can take an hour to travel somewhere on car, when you could walk it in less. True! I walked to the Curve in 15 – 20 minutes. An examiner staying there claimed that it took almost an hour to get there by car…..

FF – fanatical fitness….well not strictly me, however I admit to having spent some time in the well outfitted gym that the hotel has here. It opens at 6am and closes after 10 at night. there are always people there. I took this photo about 1.30 one lunch hour


FF – Friendly folk…..all the people I met while working here. However not all the people i Malaysia are friendly. I had words with one grumpy old fellow, who  told me to “Go Home!”  Possibly the only English he knew…LOL…well he did not say anything else….My response? (with a smile….) …. “No”   Smile

It is true that English is often spoken in the cities, however it is not universally understood nor spoken by many as their first language. I think that Malay and Mandarin would come quite well ahead of it now.

However the vast majority of people were friendly and welcoming.

FF – Flowers and food! Yes of course. I will mostly let them speak for themselves. Here are two albums – one taken in  my second visit to the rooftop garden (this time minus the thunderstorm) and the others of some of the delightful dishes that I have been lucky to be able to enjoy in the last week

About David Adlam

I am a conductor, composer, clarinettist and examiner for Trinity Guildhall working in Auckland, New Zealand and overseas
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